A Diaper CEO on Job Interviews

Corporate language training is becoming extremely important for today’s knowledge workers.

Not only does it provide desired language skills, but it is integral to helping people accelerate their professional careers.

In an LOS business language class, we always target the needs of the individual. Gone are the days when schools can offer generic solutions. We at LOS realize that your work daily interconnects with international and highly multicultural companies. To fully understand what is happening around you, you must continually develop not only your language but also your communication skills. Both are essential to understanding and influencing people from different cultures. In short, you should know what to say as well as how to say it. 

In the spring of 2017, I helped two working professionals prepare for a job interview in English. Being born and raised in the same country as his students, I knew exactly what sentence structure, vocabulary and degrees of formality to employ during the interview. I worked on various speaking strategies to make his students’ self-presentations concise and to the point. In addition, the students practiced how to communicate with people of different personality traits and adjust their answers to particular recruiters.

According to their feedback, this preparation paid off. They both received the jobs they were aiming at. One of the students managed to negotiate a 40% pay raise compared to his previous job. The other student maintained her same salary from before. Given the current economic situation and high number of applicants, they both considered their job transitions successful.

LOS provides for you a “perfect triangle” of language skills, professional expertise, and cultural experience. 

Contact us for a short intro discussion so we can determine a customized course of action.  

Martin Norling, LOS Founder & CEO

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