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Running the Railroad

Do you communicate across cultures? 

Are you responsible for running a virtual team?

Is the Lingua Franca you use with your colleagues a challenge sometimes?


Anne Weston

Language Consultant & LOS Strategist

Rory Mulvihill

Language Consultant & Lawyer

Marianne Perez de Fransius

Language Consultant & Bébé Voyage Founder

We’re Vocabulary Freaks

Are you trying to learn new vocabulary? Form a long-lasting habit. Get your good old pen and a piece of paper. Draw a picture of something you want to remember.  Come back to this picture every now and then. Not just once.  Many times. Practice makes perfect. When 25 years have passed, ask yourself one simple question.  Do I still recollect the word?  I certainly

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Setting Your Stall Out

I was meant to start this blog about procrastination weeks ago, but I kept putting it off. That is not only absolutely true, but a fine example of both irony and hypocrisy. Someone with a record of dithering is not really in the best position to lecture others about the virtues of proactivity. Nevertheless, in the words immortalised by the question master of the famous

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Idioms, Proverbs & Maxims

Wait. What’s the difference? And what on Earth is a “maxim”? OK. Good question. When I think about the differences between these, I imagine a sort of Venn diagram. Yeah, the one right at the top of this post.  As you can see, this isn’t one of those classic (and much more satisfying) Venn diagrams with some circles overlapping each other; with some categories sharing

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