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Running the Railroad

Do you communicate across cultures? 

Are you responsible for running a virtual team?

Is the Lingua Franca you use with your colleagues a challenge sometimes?


Martin Norling

Language Consultant & LOS Founder

Marianne Perez de Fransius

Language Consultant & Bebe Voyage Founder

Rory Mulvihill

Language Consultant & Lawyer

Compound Freaks – Season 3

Compound Freaks – Season 3 Welcome to the challenging and fun world of English compound nouns!  Compound nouns are integral to everyday life. These words are composed of two or more individual nouns joined together to form a new word. For example, ”work place” = workplace, the place where you go to work and earn money. Compound nouns take multiple, unpredictable forms. If you like

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Exonyms & Endonyms

What on earth is an exonym? Good question! Let’s answer it by thinking of Germany: If you translate the word “Germany” (or “German” come to that) into your own language, you’ll probably find that it doesn’t sound like the word “German” at all. In fact, looking at this list, you can see that there are LOADS of ways to say “Germany” depending on where you’re

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LOS Virtual

Hiya! I’m Martin Norling. I’m the founder of, and CEO at, LOS Language Online Services, and my aspiration is to make LOS a truly virtual company. We’re going to start using XR technology in our courses from January 2022. We are not, however, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. No way, José! Everything we’ve created so far will still be fully functional; we just want

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