Language Consultants

This team is our treasure.

Each of us …

  • is a seasoned educator who has taught to a variety of student levels and language backgrounds.
  • has had significant professional experience in many contexts outside of teaching. We understand firsthand today’s workplace requirements.
  • is multilingual. We personally have struggled through the cognitive and emotional complications of language learning.
  • currently lives, or has lived for years, in foreign countries. We know what it means to live, work, and integrate into foreign cultures.

We are committed to developing your language talent, so you can safely and confidently surmount all your professional and personal challenges.

Anne Weston

Since 2004, I have divided my time between the U.S. and Prague, pursuing various entrepreneurial activities. One of my projects is teaching English – I love helping others develop their skills in this beautiful language! The world is filled with so many unique and interesting people, and teaching also allows opportunity to compare business experience.


Language Consultant & LOS Strategist

Language Consultant & Lawyer

Rory Mulvihill

My first degree, from the University of Manchester, is in Law, which I practised for over 30 years, predominantly in a firm of which I was the Senior Partner. During that time I also graduated from the Leeds Business School with a Master’s in Management Sciences. My main passion outside work has always been Theatre, in which subject I also hold a Master’s degree, this time from the University of York. After retiring from the legal profession, I retrained as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language at the University of York St. John, and am now combining my technical and presentational skills for the benefit of my English Language Students. 

Marianne Perez de Fransius

Marianne Perez de Fransius brings over 15 years of one-on-one instruction. She worked for 7 years with one of New York City’s elite private education companies as a teacher, tutor, regional director and homeschooling director. Aside from helping students learn content, Marianne builds confidence and teaches students valuable study and life skills.


Language Consultant & Bebe Voyage Founder

Language Consultant & Writer

Gabriel Clark

I’ve been an English teacher since 2004. I hold an MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from Portsmouth University. I’m the “Clark” in Clark and Miller, a website that focuses on giving learners a deeper understanding of how English works through online courses and a blog that often features giraffes. 


Eva Griesova

I strongly believe that everybody is able to learn foreign language no matter what age they are. What all students need is a timely engagement, feedback and encouragement from an empathetic and passionate teacher. Only then can they feel motivated and use their talents to the fullest.

Language Consultant & ESOL Specialist

Language Consultant & Accredited IELTS Examiner

Peter Hale

I’m a highly qualified, experienced and motivated English Language Teacher specializing in organisation and delivery of both general, and tailor-made courses. I have extensive experience of proof reading and copy editing papers for academic journals, and EFL textbook writing. I’m dedicated to supportive, student-focused learning, progress and feedback.


Nuria Juárez

Studying foreign languages is a way to open your mind and grow as a person. Being a teacher allows me to help people develop their job skills, lifestyle, opinions and cultural aspects.


Language Consultant & education advisor

Language Consultant& teacher Trainer

Gregory Gobel

I have been a member of the English Language Teaching (ELT) community since 1997. Living and working in the Czech Republic and Spain, I have taught all ages and levels, developed and managed international and localized learning and development programs, and held various management roles in the British Council. I hold both the Cambridge ESOL DELTA and the IH ELT Management Diploma, and a BA from Vanderbilt University. 


Misa Loos

I’m a certified teacher in three foreign languages. I started teaching German in 1996 after living in Karlsruhe, Munich and Zurich. I also teach Czech to German-speaking and English-speaking students, mostly managers based in Prague. I have also been teaching English to all levels of students from administrative staff to top managers in various companies. I have visited and lived in many different places in Britain and I am very interested in British and Irish history. My friends call me an Anglophile and I would have to agree with them. I regularly go to Suffolk or Worthing in the summer to teach English at a summer school for children from all over the world. I also personally taught English and German to my son for a couple of years. Now at his age of 15 he has even become slightly better than me. 🙂

Language Consultant & Wedding Planner

Language Consultant & Teacher Trainer

Peter Bright

Between 1995-2016 I worked as an EFL/ESOL tutor in five different countries – England, South Korea, Japan, Spain, and the Czech Republic. I prepared many students for internationally recognised Cambridge English exams at all levels – KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, and IELTS, all of which comprised the four skills and three language areas required. I also prepared students for US Academic exams in TOEFL. Combined, these were included in the preparation for entrance into British and US colleges and universities.


Katrine Lundgren

I’m Norwegian but have lived in Prague since 2000 with my Czech husband and son. I love to teach and am an enthusiastic teacher who stresses the importance of pleasant and energetic communication with my students. I prefer structured lessons with room for improvisation. After each lesson, my students should have acquired new skills.


Language Consutlant & Travel Agent

Language Consultant & LOS Founder

Martin Norling

In 2008, I married into a family that comes from eight different countries, so I have first-hand experience of communicating across cultures. I’m from Prague, but since 2010 I’ve lived with my Swedish wife just outside Stockholm. In 2013 our son Samuel was born and I founded LOS Language Online Services. I used to call myself a Diaper CEO; changing diapers and making my business plans went somehow hand-in-hand. My passion for languages, combined with the personal leadership and management experience described below, enables clients to achieve better results. Being an entrepreneur, I find it easy to bond with business-savvy professionals, but I can also discuss the Arts with the more culturally-inclined.