Lecturing & Facilitation

“You’ve been chosen to launch Microeconomics in English.”

When Economics University of Prague lecturers Zuzana and Marketa were awarded this honor, they knew they had to brush up on their English – fast! 

No matter how much education and experience one has, explaining complicated concepts in a foreign language is difficult. Even native speakers must continually hone their skills in clear and comprehensive language use. A good professor does not stand before class and spout information; he or she teaches, which means enabling students to learn more than they can alone reading a book. Therefore, a professor must also be able to understand and react to complex student questions, which can be much more challenging than simply preparing a lecture. 

Zuzana and Marketa had been dedicated teachers for years. Now they had to transfer this expertise to English.

But how? Coordination of lectures was essential. So were regular weekly prep meetings. However, the ladies taught at multiple locations across the city and had irregular schedules, so finding a time to physically meet was nearly impossible.

LOS was the clear answer. Our easy scheduling system allowed Zuzana, Marketa, and the language consultant Anne Weston to find unique times each week which accommodated their wild schedules. They maximized time and minimized tangential costs while dramatically improving their skills.

Zuzana and Marketa arranged 3 sets of 12-lesson courses at LOS with Anne, spanning the months prior to course launch and continuing into the new semester. They combed over each lecture in detail, verifying economics and mathematical terms, practicing methods of explanation, performing trial runs, and discussing ways to manage typical difficulties during lectures.

“As a teacher and consultant, my job is not merely to correct mistakes and provide helpful phases. I am not a proofreader. My job is to identify and repair whatever will inhibit my students’ success and enjoyment. It’s not enough if students are simply able to do a job. I want them to enjoy doing it and to feel confident to handle unexpected situations that arise.  You can never be perfect – but you can get closer.”

Zuzana and Marketa are now teaching their eighth semester of Microeconomics in English, improving all the time.

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