Get Your Dream Job

EY, PwC, Deloitte or KPMG – winning an interview at a top consulting firm is exciting!

But how will you survive the interview, especially if English isn’t your native language? It’s a short step from panicking to imagining radical language improvement in just one month. The bad news – such improvement is impossible. The good news – you can compensate.

Languages evolve out of complex human beings trying to express complex ideas and emotions; this phenomenon can never be reduced to memorizing formulas. Sure, rules should be memorized. Many helpful resources exist. Practice makes perfect.  But just as it takes years to deeply know another person, so speaking a language well and confidently requires years of faithful attention. However, you have an interview in a few weeks, not years. What are you going to do? Such was the dilemma of Daniel in Brazil. At LOS, he found someone able to coach him in content and delivery, which are much more important than speaking flawlessly. After all, a consultant must be able to communicate accurately and win clients’ trust.

Our colleague Anne Weston coached Daniel on what a consulting firm looks for, how the questions would be presented, and what answers would succeed or fail and why. She analyzed his speaking habits and tone of voice, identifying details he could easily address for maximum impact.  She groomed not just his personal presentation but also his mindset.

At LOS, we approach our students holistically. We care about their career goals, dreams, and struggles. We help our students improve language skills through listening to what they want to accomplish and then personalizing their lesson plans specifically to fulfill these goals.

And Daniel? 

His dream came true.  He’s just started working at one of the Top Four.  

We are here for you! 

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