Make It Snappy – Camping Adventures

Between 1990 and 2010 I went camping and hiking with my fellow scouts and my close friends almost every weekend. We learned an awful lot about nature and how one should behave when out there. 

We used to visit all kinds of places in the Czech Republic.

The photo with some basic camping-gear vocabulary is from my favourite spot in Labske Piskovce. 

I would return to this place once a year, always in winter, to enjoy the peace and quiet.    

You can complete my DIY lesson if you’d like to learn more, including my easy-to-grasp overview of expressing past habits.

Martin Norling, LOS Founder & CEO

Make it snappy is an idiom used to encourage someone to hurry up. However, snap is also the colloquial noun for an informal photograph. So when LOS make it snappy this means an opportunity to improve your language skills by studying a selection of pictures personal to us – and there’s no hurry at all. We believe that the best way to learn new things is to make them your own. Simply check out the stories with each snap and get a good understanding of the relevant vocabulary.