Make It Snappy – My Kyrgyzstan Adventure

In December 2019 I visited the forgotten country between Kazakhstan and China. Kyrgyzstan is one of the less-developed countries in the world with a 90 % Muslim population. We didn’t  know what to expect, but people were really friendly. Of course, there were sophisticated groups of street hawkers in the tourist traps, but in general we felt safe and comfortable.

Mountains. That’s why you want to visit such a place. 40 % of the country is at an altitude over 3,000 metres. There are lakes in at 3,500 metres which are frozen in the winter. Animals are everywhere – horses, sheep and cows – it’s not that easy to drive in Kyrgyzstan because you have to take them into account.

How do we count animals in English? 

Find out more in the following DIY lesson that my language consultant Martin Norling created after reading my story.

Tomas, LOS Student

Make it snappy is an idiom used to encourage someone to hurry up. However, snap is also the colloquial noun for an informal photograph. So when LOS make it snappy this means an opportunity to improve your language skills by studying a selection of pictures personal to us – and there’s no hurry at all. We believe that the best way to learn new things is to make them your own. Simply check out the stories with each snap and get a good understanding of the relevant vocabulary.