Business Language Consulting

So much more than a language lesson!

What if your language consultant was also an experienced business coach?

What if every turn of phrase helped turn your communication into a success?

And what if the language you’re mastering became the vehicle to carry your powerful and compelling message forward?

Here’s one of our clients’ success stories.  

Jan needed IT managers from around the world to give reports and react to proposals within strict time frames. The pressure was worsened by the variety of English abilities and accents. Jan found himself as often an interpreter as a facilitator, and generally felt overwhelmed.

Thanks to his language consultant Martin Norling, he honed his personal English skills, not just grammar and vocabulary but intuition and anticipation. This led to highly productive IT meetings as Jan developed the ability to guide teammates who couldn’t express themselves fluently.  

He comments, “Martin helped me support and encourage those who report to me. That feels great! And my career has advanced as I’ve improved as a leader.”

So if you want to make the language your own and let it shine; if you want to learn how to make an impression that lasts; if you want to have fun and persuade your audiences. We’d love to help you take it to the next level!

LOS provides for you a “perfect triangle” of language skills, professional expertise, and cultural experience. 

Contact us for a short introductory discussion so we can settle on a customized course of action.